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Yes, we are the crazy people that you see shooting darts at the bars around Butte on Mondays. Butte dart League is ready for all the new shooters, and the old shooters. We all come from different backgrounds, but when we are at the line we put our differences aside a-nd just have fun, or get really drunk… If you are interested in starting a dart team please contact Matt Powers @ (406)498-5863 Teams are 4 player teams and we welcome any team from the area! If you just want to get involved in shooting the tournaments Blind draws are listed bellow.

“One hundred and eighty, divided by three, is one dart at a time.”

– Sid Waddell


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Playerz of the week

Jerry Rye – 25.31

Tona Baxter – 23.03

Brodi Doyle – 19.51

 Also Coming up in October. . . 


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Spud Mcgees




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