Welcome to the Butte Dart League

Yes, we are the crazy people that you see shooting darts at the bars around Butte on Mondays. Butte dart League is ready for all the new shooters, and the old shooters. We all come from different backgrounds, but when we are at the line we put our differences aside and just have fun, or get really drunk… If you are interested in starting a dart team please contact Shawn Porter @ (406)490-2559 Teams are 4 player teams and we welcome any team from the area! If you just want to get involved in shooting the tournaments Blind draws are listed bellow.

“One hundred and eighty, divided by three, is one dart at a time.”

- Sid Waddell





Dart Tournaments

Please Email any Dart tournement Info to


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Playerz Of da Week!

Great job on shooting, make sure your team buys your drinks all night!!!

Brett Fortier 28.90

Joe Chavez 23.38

Ryan Campbell 24.21

RJ Marshall 22.39

Gary Gabriel 19.02

Jim Frodsham 18.24

Ted Deschner 18.32




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What going on?

Well,,, we are back up and running, Lost a server…. bummer dude… owell!!! glad to be back up and running. Remember to check the top of each spree sheets for any messages pertaining to the league you are in. If you run into any problems please contact a official, There numbers will be posted at the top of each spree page… Have fun!!! Happy Darting..

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Yea Baby!!!

 Missoula 1st place IMAG0984 Publication5

Terri White Tourney @ Scandia

 White Tourny

Women don’t need balls to play darts but it helps to play with a few nuts



 “Marcus Jr” Dart Throwing Techniques.

How to take your throw to the next level.
No matter what style of throw you use, always remember that it should be a consistent and comfortable throwing motion. The more consistent your mechanics the better you will throw. Experiment with different throwing motions to develop your style and then pick one style and practice until the motion becomes second nature. Your throw is one of the most important elements of the dart game. Take some time to analyze your throw and develop some good habits.

Advanced throwing techniques should incorporate the following:
Minimize movement. Only the shooting arm moves. Your shoulder should stay completely still, as should the rest of your body. You’ll make the game easier by keeping as still as possible while throwing. A steady and controlled back swing is critical to accuracy. Very few people can throw accurately without a back swing. And one smooth and fluid motion to the board is critical. Try to minimize any side-to-side motion.
Consistent release. This is very difficult to monitor, however a reliable release point for your dart throw is crucial to achieving consistency. Some players release the dart early in the throw, when the arm has just begun the forward motion. Others wait longer and release the dart at the very end of the throwing motion. Find out what is most comfortable for you and practice consistency with the release point.
Snapping the wrist. Not all players snap their wrist at the end of the throw because it is one more thing that can go wrong in the throw. However, it does help with acceleration in the last phase of your throw. A slower, controlled throw can increase accuracy and snapping your wrist like a whip can provide sufficient speed at the end of the throw.