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Welcome to the Butte Dart League

Yes, we are the crazy people that you see shooting darts at the bars around Butte on Mondays. Butte dart League is ready for all the new shooters, and the old shooters. We all come from different backgrounds, but when we are at the line we put our differences aside a-nd just have fun, or get really drunk… If you are interested in starting a dart team please contact Matt Powers @ (406)498-5863 Teams are 4 player teams and we welcome any team from the area! If you just want to get involved in shooting the tournaments Blind draws are listed bellow.

“One hundred and eighty, divided by three, is one dart at a time.”

– Sid Waddell

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Schedule                            Sprees

Playerz of the week

 NICK MILLER – 30.67




 4th Annual Butte America $10,000

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 Pres- Matt Powers 406-498-5863

Vice Pres- Jordan Welsh 406-565-1020

Sec- Kim Younce 406-498-4823

Tres- Amie Kraus 406-603-0959


Team Captains

Report Date: 06/05/2017


Team Captain Captain’s Home Phone Captain’s Mobile Phone Location Location’s Phone
Bullringers Clayton Ellis 406-565-6059 Party Palace 406-723-4247
Celtic Travelers Shane Dehart 406-491-5925 Scandia Bar 406-782-4023
PrimeTime Matt Powers 406-498-5863 Party Palace 406-723-4247
Scandia Certified Dave Cantwell 406-490-5809 Scandia Bar 406-782-4023
Team Reckless Jesse Flesch 406-560-5935 Scandia Bar 406-782-4023
We Leave The Lid Up Jim Dodd 406-498-5991 Pair A Dice 406-782-5262



Bad Darts Josh Ballensky 406-438-7703 Goodwill
Comin In Hot Kayla Medina 406-498-0637 McGraths 406-782-0346
Dart Devils Shirley Manning 406-422-2927 Party Palace 406-723-4247
Friday Night 86’D!!! Kim Younce 406-498-4823 Pair A Dice 406-782-5262
Party Palace Ted Deshner 406-498-0277 Party Palace 406-723-4247
Sexy N We Throw It Nakita Day 406-491-4410 Party Palace 406-723-4247
Show Us Your Tips Brodi Doyle 406-565-0909 The Depot 406-782-2102


3 Queens & A King Montana Walks 406-560-6931 Goodwill
Dart Bombs Rebecca Park 406-565-6892 The Depot 406-782-2102
Eagles Pam Pederson 406-560-0925 Party Palace 406-723-4247
Guns N Roses Debbie Wilson 406-498-5808 Scandia Bar 406-782-4023
Milwaukee Outlawz Tina Willoughby 406-479-4051 Copper King Saloon 406-723-9283
Team Chaos Martique Kraus 406-565-6758 Goodwill
Window Lickers  Cyndie Kester 406-490-5775 The Depot 406-782-2102

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Spud Mcgees




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