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 How can you help support and keep the Butte dart website?

The easiest way is to use these links to ebay, or amazon.

Buttedarts.com is affiliated with both amazon and ebay, when you use these links you help defer server costs, domain registration costs, ICANN fees, and so on.

How it works, when you click on the link it will bring you directly to the home page, and you shop as usual, a small percentage of you purchase is collected and funds our website. This site does not come out of any fee’s you pay for darts, and we can keep it that way with a little help. So make sure you tell your friends, even if they don’t play darts they can still use the links to help us out.


There are 3 ways you can use these links.

1. Click the link every time you wish to visit Ebay or Amazon


2. (Firefox) Right click the link and save link as (name of site EX: Ebay, Amazon) click on desktop and save.

(Internet Explorer) right click on link, Save Target as, name Ebay/Amazon, navigate to desktop, click save.

Then just click the links on your desktop, you will then be directed to ebay/Amazon and continue shopping as normal.


3. (Firefox)Right click on image, bookmark this link, name : Ebay/Amazon, folder : Bookmarks toolbar  (Internet Explorer) click and load page, click favorites star at the top of the window, click add to favorites, Name : Ebay/Amazon, create in Favorites bar.


Step three is the easiest to use, when you open your browser just click the link and shop as normal.






Thank you for your help and support, remember to tell all your friends, these links don’t only help the Butte Dart website, but they also save you with discounts, free shipping, and added coupon codes.